BrainVoyager v22.0

TMS Neuronavigation

Prior to BrainVoyager QX 2.4, a real-time neuronavigation module was available on the Windows platform. This TMS module is no longer available since a more powerful standalone software program called "TMS Neuronavigator" has been developed that is easier to use and contains more neuronavigation-specific features. If you are interested in this software, please contact support at brainvoyager dot com. The TMS Neuronavigator is based on BrainVoyager and works thus natively with BraiinVoyager VMR and mesh (SRF) files as well as volume maps (VMPs) and surface maps (SMPs).

TMS Neuronavigator supports Zebris and NDI digitizers for coregistration of digitized external coordinate systems with the internal MRI-based BrainVoyager coordinate system; this makes it possible to navigate a TMS coil (or similar device) in real-time to functional and anatomical target regions of a subject's brain (see snapshot above). Since the coregistration is properly updated over time, events in the real world, i.e. moving a TMS coil to the subjects head, are directly visible within the corresponding MRI space as represented with (transparent) head and brain meshes in its 3D Viewer window. Full documentation about real-time neuronavigation is included in the TMS Neuronavigator software.

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