Licensing Information and Update Subscriptions

Conditions for update subscription
  • The update subscription covers updates of BrainVoyager QX for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in a period of 1 year.
  • The update subscription includes the exchange of Sentinel Dongles / Hardlocks against HASP key (single user) devices.
  • New program versions and program updates are available on our web site for HASP key license holders
  • Major new program versions will be sent on a new Setup CD on request.
Authorization: HASP key device
  • The cross platform authorization HASP key was introduced with BrainVoyager v4.6. This authorization device will replace the BV Sentinel dongle and the BV Hardlock and is the only hardware licensing system for BrainVoyager QX.
  • The HASP key contains the license type (programs, modules) and update information.
  • Every HASP key has its unique code. Based on this code the HASP can be programmed remotely.
  • HASP keys are programmed with version information at the time point of purchase. If you purchase BrainVoyager v4.8, for example, you can download from the web all updates until version v5.7. The key will, however, refuse later program releases, i.e. v5.8 and above. The key will inform you when your subscription has expired. The HASP key can be updated remotely after updating your subscription.
  • The HASP key is available as a single user license (HASP4/HL) for USB port.
  • The HASP key provides cross-platform authorization in combination with BrainVoyager QX: HASP for Windows and Linux on PC and Mac OS X.
  • The HASP key cannot be used with BranVoyager releases prior to v4.6. (If you need to use a former version, please contact support for a solution).
Specific update conditions
  • Sentinel Dongle/ Hardlock/ Softkey exchange against single HASP key is free within the period of a valid update subscription (12 months after purchase date or related to your specific update contract with Brain Innovation). Further information about the update period can be requested at
  • The exchange of broken HASP keys is possible against extra-charge for this specific device. The broken HASP key has to be sent first. Ask for the trial version with temporal soft-key to bridge the exchange period (available only for Windows OS).
  • Any purchased license extension (i.e. adding a program module) extends automatically your update subscription for this license for another year.