BrainVoyager Sample Data Sets

This page lists sample data sets with associated exercise texts that can be used for courses or self-study using the free EDU version of BrainVoyager. You can use the provided material to learn basic and advanced features of BrainVoyager. The first example data set "Faces Houses in Visual Fields" corresponds to the data which is used in the updated Getting Started Guide of BrainVoyager (EDU) 21.4.

We suggest to extract the downloaded sample data sets into a "BVSampleData" folder that should be created in the "Documents" folder. The downloaded ZIP files should be extracted with pathes enabled in order to put the data in appropriate subfolders. If, for example, the extraction of the "" file is run in the "BVSampleData" folder, the extracted individual files will be placed in the "GSGData" sub-folder. We recommend to download and extract the exercise texts also in the "BVSampleData" folder. Note that the Getting Started Guide is already included in BrainVoyager (EDU), i.e. it needs not to be downloaded below and can be found in the "Getting Started Guides" folder inside the BrainVoyager installation folder.

You may find further documentation about BrainVoyager, including an e-book of the User's Guide, on the general documentation page.

Faces, Houses in Visual Fields Dataset (BIDS format) and Getting Started Guide (GSG) with hands-on descriptions how to use fundamental single-subject analysis tools. Getting Started Guide v4.0 (PDF) (14.8 MB) Getting Started Guide Data ( (413 MB)
Brain Tutor Data Dataset used in Brain Tutor apps with introduction in basic BrainVoyager (EDU) visualization capabilities. Basic 3D Visualization Guide (PDF) (1.2 MB) Brain Tutor Data ( (18.7 MB)