Turbo-BrainVoyager Sample Data Sets

This page lists sample data sets that can be used to learn working with Turbo-BrainVoyager.

We suggest to extract the downloaded sample data sets into a "TBVSampleData" folder that should be created in the "Documents" folder. The downloaded ZIP files should be extracted with pathes enabled in order to put the data in appropriate subfolders. If, for example, the file "TBV_FacesHouses.zip" file is extracted in the "TBVSampleData" folder, the extracted individual files will be placed in the "TBV_FacesHouses" sub-folder. For instructions, check the topoic "Running Example Datasets" in the "Getting Started" chapter of the TBV User's Guide. Some examples include a PDF file providing step-by-step instructions to learn using various tools for real-time fMRI data analysis.

Faces, Houses Localizer Run Dataset to learn about basic interactive real-time analysis and visualization tools. TBV_FacesHouses.zip (252 MB)
Neurofeedback Getting Started Guide Multi-run dataset with a localizer run (hand movements) and two neurofeedback motor imagery runs. TBV_MotorImageryGSG.zip (289 MB)
Attention BCI Classifier Multi-run dataset to learn about real-time SVM classification. TBV_SVMClassifier.zip (94 MB)