About Us

Core Members
Rainer Goebel CEO & Chief Software Developer
Claudia Goebel CFO & Marketing Manager
Bianca Hertog-Vromen Sales Manager
Armin Heinecke Head of Support
Hester Breman Software Development & Support
Judith Eck Research & Support
Avraam Marimpis Software Development & Research
Michael Luehrs Software Development & Research
Ömer Faruk Gülban Software Development & Research
Anita Tursic Research & Support
Phone Support/Sales:
+31 43 2100120
FAX +31 43 2100121
Address Brain Innovation B.V.
Oxfordlaan 55
6229 EV Maastricht
The Netherlands
Chamber of
Reg. Nr.
E-mail sales / support
at brainvoyager dot com