Exhibition at 21th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping

f you are attending the HBM conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, stop by at our booth (#116) and you'll meet BrainVoyager experts answering your questions! We are thrilled to show you our upcoming new major release of BrainVoyager that redefines the way in which you manage and analyse your data: Instead of isolated documents, data is stored under experiments, subjects and analysis workflows in a hierarchical manner. Since specified workflows know about the data belonging to an experiment, processing can be performed in the same way for all available subjects of an experiment constituting a powerful batch processing mechanism without the need to write scripts. Furthermore, workflows create detailed reports in HTML and PDF format as a basis for quality assurance and documentation of performed analysis steps. Besides a new data analysis management, BrainVoyager adds many new features and enhancements, including MNI template normalisation, a cover flow like Workspace Panel containing a graphical overview of available (open) documents, a new Zoom View panel allowing detailed inspection of documents and the possibility to edit segmentation VMR documents with full undo/redo functionality. We also show exciting new developments of our real-time fMRI software Turbo-BrainVoyager that greatly help to improve and customise clinical neurofeedback studies. We also demo the latest version of our TMS Neuronavigator product and tell you about other available and upcoming software products.