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BrainStar is a modern software tool that helps in creating stunning 3D animations from prepared BrainVoyager data sets including surface renderings (meshes), volume data, statistical maps, fibre tracking files and region-of-interest volume (VOI) and surface (POI) files. Furthermore 3D text and images can be used to enrich the scenes with explanations. Animations are automatically generated from keyframes that define the position and state of objects on the “stage”. Created 3D animations can be converted in high-resolution MP4 videos and PNG/JPEG figures. BrainStar was developed with the following scenarios in mind:
  • BrainVoyager users. Students, researchers and medical professionals can quickly create didactic movies to supplement publications or to highlight research results on their web sites from own analysed BrainVoyager data.
  • Scientific media professionals. Bundled brain data sets can be used to create stunning movies to highlight specific locations in the brain or to demonstrate which areas get activated in specific tasks, e.g. during perception, language and emotional processing.
  • Brain App Developers. BrainStar not only allows to create figures and movies, but also interactive apps like Brain Tutor HD with the difference that own data sets can be used.
  • Data sharing. Since all referenced data sets are stored in one bundle file, it is easy to hand data over to colleagues not having a BrainVoyager license together with relevant data. This will allow them to view and explore your analyzed data files.
BrainStar is currently in beta testing and will first be released on Mac OS X and iOS. It uses Apple’s iCloud to synchronise data sets between desktop/laptop computers and the iPad providing a truly mobile experience. Check back this web site for updates on BrainStar!