Brain Innovation Support

We at Brain Innovation have made it our mission to best serve you in every possible way. You can help us to achieve this goal by following these guidelines when getting in touch with us:
If you
  • have general questions about the feature set of one of our products
  • need information about the licensing scheme and its implementation
  • are interested in obtaining one or several licenses of BrainVoyager
  • look into buying a TMS neuronavigation system
  • require an update (license subscription) for your license
  • want to test the program's abilities either with your own dataset or a sample we provide
  • are in need of a quote or require a tender to be filled in
  • wish to inquire the delivery dates of your order
then please send an email to sales (at) brainvoyager (dot) com.
Should you
  • have problems with loading your (raw) data into the program
  • encounter a program crash or other bug
  • find a missing feature you critically need to conclude a study or would like to see
  • cannot find instructions on how to use a specific feature in the program
  • are interested in receiving training in the use of BrainVoyager QX (both abroad and on-site)
then please send an email to support (at) brainvoyager (dot) com.
Although our staff members are reachable by their individual email addresses, it is highly advised to send all sales and support related emails to the respective "single point of contact" address, as this guarantees faster processing and less waiting time for you!

Dealing with your request

Sales requests will usually be handled by Mrs. Bianca Hertog-Vromen, our Sales Manager, or in some special cases by Mrs. Claudia Goebel, the Marketing Manager of Brain Innovation. Depending on the type of request (quote, delivery dates, license update, etc.) you can expect a reply within three to seven days. A few things, such as TMS neuronavigation system orders, can take slightly longer, as we have to arrange a delivery schedule with our sub-contractors and suppliers.

Every email sent to our Support Desk is automatically entered into our ticket tracking system (provided by OmniTracker) to ensure that you receive a timely reply. Typically, you will receive a notification about the receipt of your email within a few hours (once a support desk staff member has classified the incident). Unless your request describes or presents a highly complex problem, you can expect to receive a solution within three working days at most. Otherwise you will at least receive information about when to expect a qualified reply (e.g. in case the specialist responsible for your request in currently unavailable).
At this time, the following people (and their special fields of expertise) are part of the Brain Innovation Support Desk staff:
  • Hester Breman (scripting, plugins)
  • Fabrizio Esposito, PhD (statistics, ICA, BLM, EMEG)
  • Armin Heinecke, PhD (segmentation, CBA, statistics, functional connectivity)
  • Joost Mulders (co-registration, plugins, DTI, Matlab data)
  • Michael Luehrs (Turbo-BrainVoyager)
During normal business hours (9AM through 6PM, CEST/CET), our staff can additionally be reached over the phone:
  • for Support and Sales related issues, please call +31 43 2100120
  • fax number +31 43 2100121

Our service to you

As part of our customer service and customer care programs, we offer two different means of receiving training, both for new as well as for intermediate and advanced users of BrainVoyager QX.

For one, please check our courses webpage. Each year, we offer at least one beginners and one intermediate / advanced course about background knowledge and usage of BrainVoyager, where customers are invited to meet our experts and tutors at a location within Europe. Additionally, our US reseller, Psychology Software Tools, Inc., regularly organizes one or two courses in the United States every year. So please check their website as well in case a US-based course might be more convenient for you to visit.

As a special offer to our customers, we provide on-site training as our time permits. So, if you are member of a larger user group (i.e. at least 10 people) who all wish to receive training in the use of BrainVoyager QX, please feel free to send an email to support (at) brainvoyager (dot) com to find out whether a course at your institution can be arranged within the next months. Depending on the number of licenses bought by your institution and/or special collaboration agreements, you might be asked to only cover for our travelling and accomodation expenses. In some cases, you might be asked to also cover part of the tutoring expenses in addition.

Other resources you might want to check

For more general advice (such as on study design, the tweaking of parameters, or the applicability of certain methods and/or restrictions), please make extensive use of
  • the Brain Voyager QX Users Guide
  • any supplementary material that comes bundled with the program installation
  • the BrainVoyager support site
In case you do not find the answers to your questions in any of these resources, feel free to contact us via email sending your request to support (at) brainvoyager (dot) com.

Note that issues related to data input as well as crash / bug reports will be given highest priority. We will also try to help with more general questions (e.g. advice on experimental designs), and you will be informed whether or not Brain Innovation is able to offer consulting support in your specific case without additional cost.

Certain aspects of support go beyond giving mere instructions on how to use the program. Please be aware that, at this time, we might not be able to provide in-depth consulting services for free, especially in cases where this would require several days of work on our part. In such cases we will try to provide you with references to available literature (where applicable) and you are asked to consult those references for a more profound understanding of the underlying problems and their solutions.

We are truly interested in your satisfaction, so please never hesitate to contact us again whenever you think a case has not been dealt with satisfactorily or in case you have suggestions helping us to improve our products. We will do our best to deliver a solution to the problem you're facing, so as to make your experience with BrainVoyager and other tools as pleasant and successful as possible!