BrainVoyager v22.0

Add Subject to Project

In order to add a subject to the currently selected project, use the Add Subject icon in the main toolbar of the Data Analysis Manager window or the Plus ("+") icon on the left side of the toolbar in the Subjects pane. After clicking one of these icons, the Add Subject dialog will appear (see snapshto below).

The new subject will be identified by the string in the subject Code text field, which will be automatically determined when using the (default) BIDS format. In BIDS mode, the Code text field as well as the prepended substring "sub-" can not be changed explicitly. If one wants, however, use another number for identifying the subject than the one suggested in the Subject Code Number value box on the right side of the subject Code field, the number can be changed using the up and down spins of the value box or by entering a number directly. When adding the next subject, the program will automatically increment the subject ID number suggesting "sub-02", "sub-03", "sub-04" and so on. If not in BIDS mode (deprecated), any other subject code names (e.g. "P1", "P2" for participant one and two) can be used. In case one wants to store a more expressive identifer name of the subject, the optional Name text field can be used. Note, however, that this should not be the real name of the subject in order to keep data management anonymous. If the subject belongs to a multi-group study, one can also assign the participant to a specific group number (1, 2, 3..), which can be used when running a group-GLM statistics workflow.

The string in the subject Code field will be used as the basis of the subject folder that will contain the data of the respective subject. The name of this folder is displayed in the Folder text field ("sub-01" in the screenshot above) and can not be changed in BIDS mode (the program checks that subject code and folder names are unique within a project). The folder of each added subject will be located under the project folder that is specified when creating a project. The Comments text field can be optonally used to store specific information about the participant. This can also be done at a later time point (e.g. information might become available after scanning the subject) by either double-clicking the subject code name in the Subjects pane or by clicking on the Edit Selected Subject icon in the toolbar of the Subjects pane after first selecting the subject entry.

After clicking the OK button, the specified subject will be added to the BrainVoyager data base under the currently selected project and its name will appear in the Subjects pane of the Data Analysis Manager window (see snapshot above).

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