BrainVoyager v23.0


To learn how to use BrainVoyager after successful installation, consult the following information sources:

If you have learned how to use the basic features of BrainVoyager, you can expand your knowledge by consulting the following sources of information:

Another great opportunity to learn about basic and advanced features of the software is to attend one of the BrainVoyager Training Courses offered by the Brain Innovation team also to your lab if requested.

Note that with BrainVoyager 20.0, the name and version numbering of BrainVoyager has been changed. The "QX" part from previous version names has been dropped since it is no longer necessary to stress the established cross-platform nature of BrainVoyager. Furthermore, major version numbers now follow a near-yearly release naming scheme starting counting with BrainVoyager 1.0 (Windows version) released in June 1996. In order to be compatible with previous naming and licensing terms, BrainVoyager 20.X was also coded as BrainVoyager QX 3.X. Since version 21.0, the QX naming scheme is no longer continued. Furthermore, the licensing with a hardware (Hasp) dongle is no longer available.

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