BrainVoyager Software Licensing

BrainVoyager (version 20 and later) uses a software-based licensing system that is easy to use and does not require a hardware dongle. The essential steps in BrainVoyager software licensing are as follows:

  • Download the installer of a trial or full version of BrainVoyager for your operating system (see info on right side).
  • Run the downloaded Installer.
  • After installation, run BrainVoyager.
  • In the appearing License Activation dialog, click the Create Email button (see below).

  • The prepared email will contain information about your computer (Hardware ID) and operating system. Add requested information about your name, institute/lab and mail address.
  • Send the email to the prepared address (licensing [at] brainvoyager [dot] com).
  • Usually within 1-3 days (during working days) you will receive an email with a license key and license name/ID (e.g. TSKF307BC88-PETER-SUGAR).
  • Copy/paste the license key and license name/ID into the License Activation dialog and click the Activate button.
  • A dialog will appear informing you that the software has been activated and that it is ready to use. Close the dialog and start BrainVoyager, which should greet you with a Welcome dialog.
  • In case everything works as described, you can now use BrainVoyager as documented. A good start for beginners and advanced users is to consult the User’s Guide, which can be opened by clicking the Users Guide icon in the main toolbar or by clicking the Users Guide item in the Help menu (or use the online version).
    In case that something goes wrong during activation, please check that you have an active Internet connection, which is required for activating the software. Furthermore check that both the license key and license name have been entered correctly (use copy/paste to avoid typing errors). If these tips do not help, please contact Brain Innovation for further support by sending an email to licensing [at] brainvoyager [dot] com.

    BrainVoyager Versions

    Demo Version

    The demo version (coming soon) does not require any license, i.e. it can be used directly after download and installation. This version is useful to learn how BrainVoyager works but it operates only with provided sample data sets. In order to evaluate BrainVoyager with your own data, you need to use the trial version.

    Trial Version

    The trial version can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The trial version can be used to evaluate BrainVoyager with your own data since it is a fully functional program lacking only some optional components (no scripting, plugins, GPU acceleration). Note that activating and using the trial version requires access to the Internet to validate the license. The trial version expires one month after sending the activation key.

    Full Version

    In order to get access to the full version of BrainVoyager, a license (new or upgrade) needs to be purchased - please send an email to “sales [at] brainvoyager [dot] com” for details. The full version of BrainVoyager supports all features specified in the software license that is coded in the provided license key. The license key also controls how long the program can be used (if time-limited). The full version of BrainVoyager requires Internet access during activation but contrary to the trial version, it can be used without access to the Internet, i.e. it will also work when no Internet connection is available. The full version also unlocks some features that are disabled in the trial version, including scripting, plugins and GPU acceleration.
    In case that the purchase process takes longer than a few weeks, you may obtain already the full version with all licensed features but the key will expire after 1-2 months. As soon as the purchase has been completed, the temporary key will be replaced by the final key.

    Moving and Floating Licenses

    Moving a Single-Computer License to another Machine

    While the provided key for a single-computer license is bound to a specific computer, you may move the license to a new machine, which will, however, require deleting the license on the “move-from” computer first and obtaining a free license for the “move-to” computer. To move a license:

    • Install BrainVoyager on the move-to computer and start it after installation, which will show the License Activation dialog.
    • Send the prepared licensing request email as described in the “BrainVoyager Software Licensing” section on the left side; please add to the prepared email that you intend to move an existing license.
    • Start BrainVoyager on the move-from computer and open the License Activation dialog by clicking on License Information in the Help menu.
    • To delete the existing license, click the Delete button in the dialog.

  • Send the appearing email to the prepared address (licensing [at] brainvoyager [dot] com); this will inform Brain Innovation that you have deleted the license on the move-from computer.

  • Note that after deleting a license, BrainVoyager can no longer be started at the old computer (without a new licensing key)

    Floating Network License

    A floating license will be available in the near future. A floating license allows to install a license server on one computer that allows to run BrainVoyager concurrently on as many computers in the network as have been licensed.