Release of BrainVoyager 2000 and first BrainVoyager 2000 Training Course

Brain Innovation B.V. announces that BrainVoyager 2000 will be released on 10th of March 2000. The new release includes full scripting and automation support, surface-based statistical data analysis and surface-based inter-subject alignment routines. It will be shipped with a new online and printed user's guide. In addition, a number of VBScript, JScript and PerlScript scripts demonstrate many important analysis and visualization procedures. At the same date when BrainVoyager 2000 will be made available, the first BrainVoyager 2000 Training Course will be held in Maastricht. This two-day training course will be held by Rainer Goebel and colleagues and will cover both basic topics like reading of special data formats and statistical data analysis as well as more advanced topics like flattening cortical surfaces and combined analysis of fMRI and EEG/MEG data.