Known Issues and Program Updates

In order to update you as fast and convenient as possible about known issues, workarounds and program updates of BrainVoyager QX, we have created a new Known Issues and Porgram Updates page, which you can access directly from the "Community" menu of our web site. To inform you about major issues and program updates even more directly and conveniently, the "Known Issues and Porgram Updates" web page will also be displayed directly within future versions of BrainVoyager QX. The first release with this feature is version 1.10.4.

Exhibition at 14th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

If you are attending the OHBM conference in Melbourne, Australia, stop by at our booth (31/32) and you'll meet BrainVoyager experts, see demos of new tools and get your questions answered. Besides showing BV QX 1.10, we present some of our upcoming BV QX 2.0 highlights including exciting new tools for advanced EEG/MEG source localization in volume and surface space and a new 3D neural network software package for modeling and predicting neuroimaging data. We also show for the first time that BrainVoyager-derived products feel at home on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch allowing to manipulate brains in real-time using multi-finger gestures.