BESA99 and BrainVoyager

We have pleasure in announcing that we have completed developing an interface between Besa99 and BrainVoyager for the combined analysis of fMRI and EEG/MEG data. The interface module will be available free of charge in BrainVoyager 3.1 and above. The new BrainVoyager version will be sent to all customers automatically. When BrainVoyager and Besa99 run on the same computer, a number of new menu items automatically are enabled providing new features like coregistration by fiducials or head surface points, instantaneous display of sources in 2D- and 3D-MRI and most importantly seeding of sources from fMRI BOLD clusters. For further information about Besa99, see

SPM and BrainVoyager

The authors of SPM and BrainVoyager are collaborating on the creation of an efficient interface between these two image analysis environments. The goal of this collaboration is to provide users of both software packages with an easy, reliable and approved method to import functional data analyzed with SPM into BrainVoyager for visualization of that data on reconstructed, inflated and flattened representations of the cortical sheet. A first version of appropriate export/import routines will be made available at the end of this year. These will allow current users of SPM96 to write files that enter easily into BrainVoyager. SPM98 will have this facility integrated within it. For further information about SPM, see

HBM Montreal - Supplement

The response to our exhibition at the Human Brain Mapping conference in Montreal was overwhelming! Due to the large number of requests, we were unable to sent test CDs to all interested persons within the last month. We thus have decided to prolong the time period of our special introductory price which lasts now up to the 31th of August. We are now confident that anybody who has asked for a test CD in Montreal will get it in the next two weeks. We will also present soon a list of all BrainVoyager customers.

HBM Montreal

Brain Innovation will present the software package BrainVoyager at this year's Human Brain Mapping conference in Montreal, Canada. At this important meeting you will have the opportunity to see the program at work. Visit us at HBM98 and get your free CD-ROM (limited number of copies available).

Brain Innovation and Garching Innovation bring BrainVoyager to market

We have the pleasure to announce the beginning of marketing of the fMRI software BrainVoyager 2.5. The software package is distributed by Brain Innovation in collaboration with Garching Innovation GmbH, a technology-transfer agency of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. The software package for analyzing and visualizing functional and structural imaging data will be sent to all interested customers starting from 15th of April 1998. If you are interested in receiving a fully-functional test version, please contact Brain Innovation.