Discussion Forum and Animated Online Tutorials

Brain Innovation B.V. announces the immediate availability of a discussion forum as well as animated online tutorials to further improve customer support. The goal of the discussion forum is a) to try to connect the people with questions to the people with the answers and b) to provide help from members of Brain Innovation B.V. and other experienced BrainVoyager users serving as moderators for the various sub forums. To get started, check the messages in the "Announcements" sub forum. The online tutorials will help beginners to get started with BrainVoyager by guiding them step-by-step through all basic data analysis and visualization steps. In the future, animated presentations will also be used to introduce new features of BrainVoyager.

Known Issues and Program Updates

In order to update you as fast and convenient as possible about known issues, workarounds and program updates of BrainVoyager QX, we have created a new Known Issues and Porgram Updates page, which you can access directly from the "Community" menu of our web site. To inform you about major issues and program updates even more directly and conveniently, the "Known Issues and Porgram Updates" web page will also be displayed directly within future versions of BrainVoyager QX. The first release with this feature is version 1.10.4.