BV Brain Tutor for Mac OS X wins runner-up prize in Trolltech contest

Brain Innovation B.V. is proud to announce that the Mac version of BrainVoyager Brain Tutor won the runner-up prize for the Best Original Commercial Qt Application in Trolltech's Qt/Mac Application Developer Contest! Rainer Goebel, programmer of Brain Tutor, will be awarded a 20 GB Apple iPod. BV Brain Tutor makes learning about the structure of the human brain a pleasant experience using animated 3D models derived from MRI data sets. The program is built on the high-performance BrainVoyager QX source code base. Get more information and your free copy of the award-winning software here!

Release of BrainVoyager QX Version 1.1 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

The second release of BrainVoyager QX is available now for download. This release (1.1.2) contains many improvements and bug fixes with respect to the first release (1.0.9)