TEDxAmsterdam talk of Rainer Goebel about neurofeedback and communication BCI

Following an invitation of the TEDxAmsterdam organisers, Rainer Goebel gave a TEDx talk in Amsterdam on November 28, 2014. In his 18 minutes talk, Rainer explains how real-time fMRI works and how it enables novel clinical applications that may help patients with psychiatric and neurological diseases.

Exhibition at 20th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

If you are attending the OHBM conference in Hamburg, Germany, stop by at our booth (#1/2) and you'll meet BrainVoyager experts answering your questions. We are also thrilled to show you our new products! Version 2.8.2 of our flagship product, BrainVoyaer QX, provides important new features and substantial enhancements including population receptive field (pRF) estimation and new analysis tools for high-field (7+ Tesla) fMRI analysis of layers and columns. We also show the latest version (3.2) of Turbo-BrainVoyager that provides classifier-based neurofeedback as well as new plugins that greatly help in improving and customising clinical neurofeedback studies. Our TMS Neuronavigator product comes with many new features supporting both the ultrasound-based Zebris and NDI optical measurement system. We will also show the latest version of Brain Tutor and how it renders major fibre tracts smoothly on mobile iOS, Android and Windows devices. We will also demonstrate the productivity app BrainStar that lets you explore your own analysed data in an intuitive way turning it into stunning visualisations and informative movies. BrainStar will be released this fall on Mac OS X and iOS 8 and later on Android and Windows Modern UI. If you come to our booth you can also play with a special Brain Tutor version - itself made with BrainStar - that can be controlled with hand and finger gestures using the innovative LEAP Motion device.

Raner Goebel has been selected as a new member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Our CEO, Rainer Goebel, has been selected as a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The royal academy (in Dutch: KNAW = Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) writes:
"Rainer Goebel (born 1964), Maastricht University and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, has conducted pioneering research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging. He is the developer of Brainvoyager, an fMRI data analysis software tool that allows for real-time visualisation of brain activity and of parts of the brain. Among other things, the tool enables patients suffering from depression or Parkinson’s disease to treat themselves using neurofeedback based on fMRI data from their own brains."
Academy members are prominent researchers active in all disciplines. New members are nominated by peers from within and outside the Academy. The Academy has approximately five hundred members, divided between its Humanities and Social Sciences Division and its Science Division. Members are appointed for life. The new KNAW members will be installed during a ceremony at the Academy’s Trippenhuis in September 2014.